Are you mindful of the changing of the seasons and how they affect your mood and behavior?

It’s definitely autumn here in London, and I have been finding myself feeling sluggish and unmotivated as the weather gets colder and it gets darker earlier. And of course, I have started to crave all those great calorie heavy, carb rich comfort foods.

Maybe you can relate.

This year I’m trying my best to pay attention to how my mood and behavior is changing with the seasons, and trying to avoid going off plan.

Here are some things I’m doing to stay on track:

  • Be a Day Walker: go out for a walk when there is daylight, even if its not particularly bright or sunny.
  • Vitamin D supplementation. Whether its in tablet form or in the form of a fizzy drink, I’ll be topping up my Vitamin D.
  • Coming up with a plan and set of meals which are hearty but not loaded with calories. It’s always going to be easier (and tempting!) for me to reach for high calorie foods like bread and potatoes at this time of year, but I can find good recipes - beans, soups and other healthier options.
  • Consider buying a SAD lamp.
  • Accept that I wont be able to match the kind of intensity and dedication with some of my goals, that I can during spring and summer. And hopefully by accepting that, I will avoid the trap of perfectionism, and not go completely off the rails, stop training and just live off a diet of cake and fried potatoes.

Do you find the changing of seasons affecting your behaviors?

If so, what can you do to counteract or limit any actions or impulses that can set you back on your goals?

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash